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SDI 2.0, Strength development inventory Sindy Van Leuven (2019)

    ✓Actively seeks opportunities to support others.

    ✓Persuades and energizes others, promoting their growth and development.

    ✓Tends to be open to proposals for creating welfare and security for others.

    ✓Creates enthusiasm and support in tackling obstacles to success.

    ✓Positive, enthusiastic, and forward-thinking. 

    ✓Demonstrates sincerity, compassion, and decisiveness. 

    ✓Clearly states how goals will benefit others, and makes decisions on their behalf.

    ✓Recognizes the importance of results and the needs of others.

    ✓Direct, friendly, and action-oriented.



  • Description = People who are motivated by the maximum growth and development of others. They have a strong desire to direct, persuade, or lead others for the benefit of others.

  •  Characteristics = Actively seeking opportunities to help others. | Creating welfare and security for others | Generating enthusiasm and support in tackling obstacles to success | Challenging others to be or do their best.

  •  Enthusiastic, open, friendly, sincere, trusting, compassionate | Respect for others | Positive initiatives for the growth and development of others | Opportunities to coach or mentor others.


🔝Open-to-change: to encourage people to express themselves & to find the best way to help someone.

🔝Analytical: capacity to make sense of information, discovering patterns and underlying causes that others have not found.   Solving life’s puzzles is a reward in itself.    

      Her biggest reward is found when solving something that creates understandable and rational solutions for others.  

🔝Devoted: people can count on her. And with good reason. She keeps commitments. She is rock solid and people know it. She throws herself into the mission of a cause

      or even a company and that can bring her incredible joy and meaning.  When she believes in what she is doing, she gives it her all. Unlike some, the “why” is just as

      important to her as the “how.” She thrives on the purpose and meaning behind an activity.  She is dedicated like nobody’s business. She sticks it out through thick and

      thin, and that makes her an invaluable asset to any mission. 

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